7 Clever Ways to Divide the Space in Your One-Story Home

by Admin January 13

What are some of the ways to divide the space in your home?

  1. Industrial Glass Wall
  2. Ceiling-to-Floor Bookcase
  3. Wooden Shutters
  4. Wooden Framework
  5. Sliding Panels
  6. Movable Partition
  7. Free-hanging Divider Wall


Living in a one-story home could mean having an open and casual layout. Which means there may or may not be walls to divide the kitchen and the living room. If you wish for a little privacy for each area of the house, install dividers in the form of a double-sided bookcase or a classic glass wall made of light yet sturdy Plexiglas. Aside from that, here are other ways to divide your home space for extra privacy.


Industrial Glass Wall

With plexiglass, wood, wall brackets and a couple of screws, you can make the industrial glass wall a DIY project. It divides the two areas yet maintains inclusion as it does not entirely block the view of the other side of the partition. Depending on your preferences, the wall can be from the floor to the ceiling or just below the ceiling. You can install the industrial glass wall inside your bedroom or use it to separate your kitchen and the living room. Stick decals and screws decorate the plexiglass with family pictures to add interest to the DIY wall.


Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

Floor To Ceiling Bookcase

If you are looking for multifunctional partitions, a floor-to-ceiling bookcase presents an ideal solution to separate two areas of your one-story home. You can choose from a one-sided or double-sided bookcase. Either way, the two areas of your house are divided. One-sided bookcases can totally block the view from either side of the partition. It presents a better solution if you wish to make each area more private. On the other hand, a double-sided bookcase should provide a screen-like partition. You will hear the conversation and see the activities from either side of the bookcase.


Wooden Shutters

To incorporate a tropical feel inside your home, install wooden shutters in between two areas. If you are looking for a partition that will not consume foot space, obtain thinner and lighter wood material. For enhanced privacy, you can shut the panels down. One of the benefits of installing wooden shutters is that it can be easily cleaned when dust starts to accumulate on the surfaces. You can either use a wet cloth or a duster wand. To make the surface shinier, regularly apply wax using cloth to prevent scratching.


Wooden Framework

Wooden Textured Background

Install a wooden framework in the middle of two areas in the house if you wish to maintain inclusion. There are plenty of styles available in the market including irregular-sized boxes, vertical or horizontal lines, as well as other forms and shapes. A wooden framework can keep your interior design simple yet elegant. Match the partition with the rest of the furniture you have at home or the colors of your walls to make it look like a part of the house’s structure.


Sliding Panels

Adjustable sliding panels are commonly used as a replacement for window curtains. They work well in blocking the sunlight coming from the window. With this, they also present a great substitute for sliding fabric curtains. Sliding panels are more stable than sliding fabric curtains. Fully separate your kitchen from your living room with a sliding panel. Opt for neutral colors or match the color of the sliding panel to the shade of the walls for enhanced color coordination.


Movable Partition

Movable Partition

A movable partition is a popular solution for spaces that requires to be subdivided or opened up according to the needs of each side. For easier maneuverability, obtain thin, lightweight, and flexible movable walls. Make sure to look for residential movable walls, as they are more adapted for house purposes. Other forms of movable partitions include ones with caster wheels. Included are rolling bookshelves, wheeled wooden background walls for television, or a simple cabinet. On a final note, acquire movable partitions with caster wheels that have stoppers for easy mobility.


Free-hanging Divider Wall

As the name suggests, the free-hanging divider wall is held by a sturdy chain connected to the ceiling. The divider is usually made of light materials like woven wood. A free-hanging divider wall can be made of crafty materials like unused CDs, shells, beads, and even chains. While this type of wall does not entirely provide privacy, it is still capable of segregating two areas with different purposes. You can use a free-hanging divider wall to divide your room into two wherein one side is your bed and the other could be a study nook or dressing area.


Key Takeaway

Small-sized homes can afford limited options to configure space. With that in mind, consider using functional and multipurpose ways to divide your home space like a curtain or DIY free-hanging divider walls. With a divider, you are enabled to segregate the activities in your bedroom and have a separate study nook or dress area. Maintain the busy atmosphere in the kitchen and the peace within the living room.


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