9 Functional Loft Ideas for Your Rowhouse

by Admin January 12

What are some functional loft ideas for rowhouses?

  1. Mini-library
  2. Art and Craft Space
  3. Office Space
  4. Walk-in Closet
  5. Bedroom
  6. Lounge Area
  7. Kids Study Area
  8. Game Room
  9. Meditation Room


A loft is sometimes referred to as an attic because of its elevated location. With that, many people initially use space for storing junk and old furniture. Practice sustainable-living and maximize every area in your rowhouse with these space-savvy and functional loft design tips!



Mini Library

For all the bookworms, why not turn your loft into a mini-library where you can bury your nose in every page of your favorite book? Simply install shelves to contain your books, bean bags or stools, a small centerpiece table where you can put your mug of coffee. The loft area in the house is the perfect place to concentrate on the material you are reading.


Art and Craft Space

Do you cherish the leisure of doing art or any crafty project? It could be painting, sketching, molding, or any other activities involving arts and crafts. The loft area presents an ideal venue to have a peaceful afternoon with nothing but your paintbrush, canvas, and other art materials.


Office Space

Office Table With Cup Of Coffee, Keyboard And Notepad

The fact that loft areas are elevated and close to the ceiling, the sound coming from other areas of the house is masked. With this, the loft area is a conducive place for working. If you work on a remote job or just working for the weekend, having an office space in the loft is better compared if your work desk is in your bedroom. Conversely, bedrooms are for resting. You are more productive if your work area is away from the comfort of your bed.


Walk-in Closet

The loft area can be your changing room, vanity space, or walk-in closet. Simply put small clothing cabinets and baskets for laundry, a mini vanity mirror, and shoe racks. If you are sharing bedrooms with your partner or another family member, it is best to locate your dresser in a different space so the person resting would obtain the peace and quiet they need. Since loft areas are open, you can use foldable room dividers to conceal your activities from the other parts of the house.




If you need an extra bedroom, the loft area is a great location conducive for resting or taking quick naps in the afternoon. Aside from using the space as a bedroom, it could also be a study room perfect for a maturing child who wishes for their own room. Grant their own space by turning the loft into their own mini bedroom.


Lounge Area

With love couches, bean bags and a centerpiece coffee table, you can turn the loft area into a comfortable lounge where you can spend your afternoons alone or with your partner for deep conversations. Most lofts have a small window that you can open to let the breeze in. In addition to that, you can install the television and radio system in the loft to make it into a make-shift living room. With that, you can use the main living room as a space to welcome guests.


Kids Study Area

Kids Study Area

Since the loft is considerably one of the most peaceful places in the house, it can be a suitable area to be a child’s study room. If you plan to make the loft your kid’s study room, make sure to secure the opening of the stairs with a make-shift gate. You can also wrap soft rugs around the steps to ensure the safety of your child when going up and down the stairs.


Game Room

Another functional idea for your loft is to turn it into a game room for your children. A game room does not only mean for gaming consoles but also for board games, and other toys. Contain all your children’s toys in one place and keep the rest of the house free of their clutter. Your home should make you feel rejuvenated. It can be an eyesore to see toys in every corner of the house. In addition to that, save yourself from organizing the toys every now and then only to find them scattered again.


Meditation Room

Beautiful Young Woman Doing Yoga Exercises At Home.

More than just a lounge, an arts and crafts room, or a mini-library, you can turn your loft into a meditation room. Meditation rooms are also suitable areas for performing yoga. Every home should have a room where it is peaceful enough to recharge after a long day of doing household chores or work. The sheltered feeling a loft promotes makes it a better place to meditate than the bedroom.


Key Takeaway

Instead of using your loft as storage for the extra things that you have at home, turn it into a functional space wherein every family member will benefit.  Maximize the space in your home by disposing of the clutter you have stored in the loft. Aside from using the loft as an extra bedroom, take these loft design tips into consideration. From turning the space into a mini-library to an office space to a meditation room, use the loft for other functional purposes rather than just being a storage space.


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