Beat The Summer Heat With These 6 Home Cooling Tips

by Admin May 30

What are some home cooling tips to beat the summer heat?

  1. Shield Your Windows
  2. Use Electric Fans
  3. Unplug Electronics
  4. Keep One Aircon Open
  5. Maintain Your Appliances
  6. Add Plants


The summer season is the best way to unwind and take the opportunity to go on a vacation with your loved ones. However, summertime getaways are put on hold this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which means we’re all spending the summer season inside our homes. We all know how warm the days can get, especially if you live in a tropical country like the Philippines. You may be thinking that blasting your airconditioning at home is the only way to beat the warm summer days. Fortunately, there are several home cooling tips you can do to beat the summer heat. We’re here to give you some suggestions to keep your family and your home cool without amping up your electricity bill. Read on!


Shield Your Windows

Thick window curtains


Windows are one of the biggest contributors to heat inside your home during the summertime. When you leave your blinds and windows open, the temperature will tend to build up excessively in your space from the blazing sunshine peeking through your room windows.

To avoid this, keep your blinds, window panels, and curtains closed during the afternoon to prevent extra warmth and sunlight from coming in. This simple tip can keep your spaces at least ten to fifteen degrees cooler. If you want to take it up a notch, you can have blackout curtains installed in your home. These types of curtains are made specifically to block sunlight and naturally insulate the spaces they are installed in. If you prefer having natural light peeking through your room for lighting purposes, consider insulating blinds to prevent the warmth from penetrating as much into your room.


Use Electric Fans

There’s barely any cool air or a fresh breeze in the summer season. It is truly tempting to just turn on the air conditioning during these times but doing so can lead to a higher electricity bill. If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to keep your indoors cooler, maximize the use of your electric fans during the summer! They are much cheaper to run than air conditioners.

Electric fans can maintain a cool environment, regulate indoor temperatures, and increase air movement throughout the home. The best part is, they can be placed anywhere, just as long as there is an electrical outlet. They are sold in many shapes and sizes, and you’ll surely find something suited for your space. Whichever fan you choose, you’ll experience cooler hours without additional costs incurred.


Unplug Electronics

A person unplugging electronics


Your daily electronics and little appliances generate more heat than you realize, even when they’re not in use. They contribute to the warmth of your indoors because they heat up when used frequently. Because of this, consider letting your electronics breathe and cool down by unplugging them for at least an hour. These are your PCs, televisions, and game consoles. Make sure that you are also unplugging your mobile devices after they’re fully charged to prevent overheating.


Keep One Aircon Open

In case you decide to leave the air conditioning running for the day, you can save much more on your electricity bill by having just one turned on for the whole house. This is a great way to take advantage of the energy-efficient factor of your one-story home. When you have air conditioning installed in the middle of your space, the coolness extends to the length of the house. This way, everyone can enjoy the coolness!


Maintain Your Appliances

A hand cleaning an electric fan


Your appliances need to be cared for, too. For your air conditioners and electric fans to work to their fullest potential and provide you with maximum coolness, make sure to maintain them and keep them as clean as possible. Your air conditioner’s coils and filters require regular maintenance to function well. And for your electric fan’s optimal performance, wipe the rims and the blades carefully. This also prevents your appliances from accumulating dust and other particles that can trigger asthma and other respiratory concerns.


Add Plants

Plants are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and visually pleasing cooling feature to add to your space. They have been all the hype this year for good reason. Plants tend to lose water during the transpiration process. As a result, it cools the air that surrounds them, leaving it cleaner, purified, and fresh. Here are some indoor plants to add to your space for the summer:


  • Aloe Vera – removes formaldehyde from the air and comes in handy if you have sunburns
  • Golden Pothos – low maintenance, keeps air purified, and is great for plant-beginners
  • Palms – produces more oxygen, gives a tropical feel, and improves humidity


Key Takeaway

Looking for ways to keep your home cool for the summertime without blasting the air conditioning? Keeping cool doesn’t have to break the bank. These home cooling tips will surely help you!