Home Office Design Tips To Inspire Productivity

by Admin May 19

What are home office design tips to inspire productivity?

  1. Add Visual Inspiration
  2. Make Use Of The Second Floor
  3. Add Indoor Plants For Less Stress
  4. No Spare Room? Try A Nook Office
  5. Make Your Space Bright and Clutter-Free


If you are one of those people working from home during the pandemic, you’ve probably already experienced the greatest challenge: combating unproductivity. Working at home might have been delightful to hear at first, but as you ride through the days in the face of the pandemic, you may realize that it isn’t so simple after all. Fret not, we’re here to help you get into the best working state of mind with these home office ideas!


If you haven’t considered establishing a permanent home office under your roof yet, now is the time to get started. It looks like working from home will be the new reality for a while. And, wouldn’t it be nice to have a space dedicated to all your tasks and work-related matters? Don’t worry because these approaches won’t break the bank. Look around your home and see what you can work with.


To stay on top of your working game, incorporate some of these simple and effective design tips into your home office.


Add Visual Inspiration

Inspirational poster for a home office


We’re sure that decorating excites you. Now is your chance to get creative and incorporate some interiors and accessories that YOU want to see. A room will foster more productivity when it is equipped and decorated with pieces that make you happy. You can put up some of your favorite quotes, personal photographs, and books.


Maximize the spaces of your walls. You wouldn’t want to stare at a blank surface and feel dull and lost. Prevent your mind from wandering by hanging up some calendars, to-do lists, and goals for the week. Make sure that they are within your visual reach. Having a reminder of your tasks can push you a little further and motivate you within the day.


Make Use Of The Second Floor

The last thing you want in a video meeting with your boss is unnecessary noise in the background caused by people in your household. This is why it is important to separate your work area from your personal spaces at home.


Living in a two-story house offers you the luxury of having a second floor. Use this to your own advantage and establish your home office upstairs. Second-floor bedrooms are usually more private, so make use of that spare bedroom and transform it into your productive space.


Away from all the hustle downstairs, it helps you fight the urge to sit on the couch and turn the television on. Additionally, when you are tree-height, your views are better. Position your desk to face the windows. This way, you are giving your eyes a rest and something peaceful to focus on when you look up from your work.


Add Indoor Plants For Less Stress

Indoor plants in a home office


Major workplace and personal stress are inevitable, especially during these uncertain times. There are days where you might feel overwhelmed and more tired than usual. If you want to reduce stress caused by work, add indoor plants to your home office!


Plants go beyond aesthetics. Making it an addition to your space will not just be visually appealing, but also functional. There are many scientific studies that prove the advantages of having plants in the workplace. Simply looking at a plant can cause feelings of calmness and patience.


And, plants also clean the air! A simple medium-sized plant in your home office can contribute to removing particular chemicals and improving air quality.


No Spare Room? Try A Nook Office

Now, what if you don’t have an extra room to spare? Don’t worry! With only a few furnishings and arrangements, you can create your own nook office at any corner of your house. Bring in a desk in an empty space and build your way from there. You can use a shelf to serve as a divider behind you or hang artwork to create visual boundaries. It’s all about getting creative!


Make Your Space Bright and Clutter-Free

Chargers organized in a home office


Remember, clutter is one of the biggest workplace stressors and productivity killers. So, if you have unnecessary items lying around the space, it’s time for you to clean up. Take the time to run through your space and throw out or store anything that won’t serve you while working. Make sure to detangle your wires and chargers as well. These may not be trash, but they could look messy and distracting when they’re all tangled together.


On top of that, to reduce workplace clutter, have a handy trashcan beside you or under your table. This way, you won’t have to stand up and throw your trash in the washroom or kitchen.


Key Takeaway

If you’re feeling less productive while working from home, it’s probably because you haven’t established a home office yet. Dedicate a space in your home exclusively for work matters and include these home office ideas. Get designing and see how these tips can greatly affect your productivity and motivation!