6 Wall Paper Designs That Virtually Add Space To Interiors
by Admin
January 11

6 Wall Paper Designs That Virtually Add Space to Interiors

What are some wallpaper designs to make interiors look spacious? Two-toned Stripes Golden Wall Covering Linear Geometric Pattern Textured Print Landscape-Inspired Metallic Marble Print   Inspired by the idea of an eccentric and fabulous wallpaper but hesitant of its overall effect on the interiors of your house? Go for classic wallpaper that can virtually enhance […]
8 Resourceful Ways To Turn Your Backyard Into A Private Space
by Admin
December 23

8 Resourceful Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Private Space

What are some ways to make a backyard a private space? Classic Wooden Fences Grow a Tall Hedge Plant Towering Bamboos Build a Pergola Build a Vine-covered Pergola Put Up a Living Fence Build a Trellis Go for Curtains   Your home is your sanctuary. If you are the type to enjoy most of your […]
Asian Young Family Couple Handshake With Property Real Estate Ag
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December 10

Effective Ways to Be a Successful Real Estate Broker

What are effective ways to be a successful real estate broker? Know the Best Time to Contact Your Client Follow Through with Your Client Establishing A Client-Broker Relationship Build a Referral Network Be Knowledgeable About Architecture and Design   If you are aspiring to be a real estate broker, kudos to you for already being […]
Construction Worker On Building Site
by Admin
November 26

3 Ways to Protect Your Rowhouse from Natural Disasters

What are some ways to protect your row house from natural disasters? Keep Your Roof Gutters Clean Repair of Damaged Roof Patch Cracks and Holes at the Foundation   The Philippines is highly vulnerable to natural calamities like storms, typhoons, earthquakes, and floods. Such hazards occur due to the geographical position of the country in […]
Young Couple Holding House Toy On The Bed
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November 8

How to Build an Emergency Fund for Your New House

What are the ways to build an emergency fund? Set a Monthly Savings Goal Breakdown Potential Savings Look for Money Leaks in the Budget Collect Spare Change Use Automatic System Transfer   Have you decided on which location to live in? Whether you are going to Metro Manila or Nueva Ecija, Pagibig’s housing loan will […]
7 Row House Interior Design Hacks
by Admin
November 4

7 Row House Interior Design Hacks

What are some interior design hacks to try in a row house? Hang Curtains Above Window Frames Paint Walls with Light Colors Mount Your TV on the Wall Use Multi-Functional Pieces of Furniture Install Ceiling to Floor Mirrors Utilize Space Under the Stairs Decorate with Light   If you have just acquired your new row […]
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