7 Row House Interior Design Hacks

by Admin November 4

What are some interior design hacks to try in a row house?

  1. Hang Curtains Above Window Frames
  2. Paint Walls with Light Colors
  3. Mount Your TV on the Wall
  4. Use Multi-Functional Pieces of Furniture
  5. Install Ceiling to Floor Mirrors
  6. Utilize Space Under the Stairs
  7. Decorate with Light


If you have just acquired your new row house through Pagibig financing in Cabanatuan City and are feeling clueless on how to design a modest space, then you have come to the right place. When designing a row house, you must greatly consider its shape and structure. Keeping the space open and clear can be quite a challenge since the house shape of a row house is long and narrow.


Hang Curtains Above Window Frames

Typically, curtains are hung on the window frame. In your row house, things are different. Choose to hang a curtain above the window frames to make the walls look wider and the ceiling to look higher. A great tip to keep in mind is to use curtains with smaller prints or ones with vertical lines to deceive the eyes.


Paint Walls with Light Colors

Buckets Of Paint On The Floor

Most interiors of row houses are painted with white, light yellow or tan colors. Muted and pale colors are suitable for row houses because the way the light reflects off it is gorgeous and gives any room a lot of character. Aside from the cozy contentment and relaxed ambiance, neutral shades provide for the interiors of a row house, which also makes it appear larger than its true size. Warm white, pale yellow, and tan are the colors suitable for the living room and the dining area. For the bedrooms, choose lighter shades of blue, gray and green to set the mood right.


Mount Your TV on the Wall

Mounting is indeed the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to save space. If you want to buy yourself more space in the living room for extra floor decor, choose to ditch that bulky stand and mount your TV on the wall. Run over to the nearest hardware store and grab the essential tools and brackets for DIY applications. Moreover, sound systems like stereos and speakers can also be mounted on the wall using shelves.


Use Multi-Functional Pieces of Furniture

Use Multi Functional Pieces Of Furniture

Whether you plan to DIY or purchase from a furniture surplus shop, create or acquire pieces that have multiple purposes. Preferably those that can be used as storage. Here are functional and practical pieces that you can choose to recover space and at the same time include more storage.

  • The Ottoman

This stool can hold extra blankets, sheets, or even toys. They are undersized and occupy a modest footprint that makes it a gorgeous addition to the living room.

  • Storage Bench

This bench is the ultimate multifunctional furniture. Either use the top as a space for decor or use it as how it is purposed. Baskets can be placed under the storage bench. Put magazines, books, toys or other stuff that you may access immediately in the living room.

  • Lift-top Coffee Table

Look for lift-top coffee to maintain the living room tidy. No more missing remote controls with this kind of table. You can easily lift to the top to utilize the storage allotted for your little trinkets.

  • Platform Storage Bed

Repurpose the space under your bed, either install the drawers or add rolling wicker baskets for more storage. You can place blankets, shoes, and even clothes or books. It is one of the quickest ways to declutter a bedroom.

  • Headboard with Shelves

If you have plenty of books, locate them on shelves in your headboard. You have space to organize your collection at a location accessible within your reach.


Install Ceiling to Floor Mirrors

Mirrors can make the space look larger. You can either use a focal point and angle mirror toward it to give the illusion of depth or install a ceiling to floor mirror to make the walls look wider and taller. Mirrors reflect both sunlight and artificial light to make the room brighter and more spacious.


Utilize Space Under the Stairs

File Folders, Standing On The Shelves At Office

Most row houses have plenty of space under the stairs. Install shelves, hangers, and hooks or place a small cabinet to efficiently utilize and occupy the space. Aside from that, you can place a multipurpose shoe rack that holds shoes inside and on the top shelf for other decors.


Decorate with Light

Besides the customary ceiling lights, you can enhance an area with wall lamps to reduce the need for lamps that occupy more space and footprint. The light that spreads across the wall conveys an illusion of a more expanded space. With wall lamps, you also improve the architectural design of the room.


Key Takeaway

The real fun starts after you acquire your dream house in Cabanatuan City through Pagibig financing. But before you go furniture shopping, you must establish the functions of each room and area. The first floor of a row house comprises of the living room and the dining room with a small L-shaped kitchen. These adjacent areas allow the activities in the kitchen to be seen from the living room. With areas of the house serving multifunctional purposes, you should be able to place functional and practical pieces. The pieces of furniture must be used on a daily basis. With these hacks, you will surely achieve a spacious-looking row house.


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