6 Wall Paper Designs That Virtually Add Space to Interiors

by Admin January 11

What are some wallpaper designs to make interiors look spacious?

  1. Two-toned Stripes
  2. Golden Wall Covering
  3. Linear Geometric Pattern
  4. Textured Print
  5. Landscape-Inspired
  6. Metallic Marble Print


Inspired by the idea of an eccentric and fabulous wallpaper but hesitant of its overall effect on the interiors of your house? Go for classic wallpaper that can virtually enhance the walls. Add instant color and texture to your walls with wallpapers that provide the illusion of depth. From modern geometric patterns to landscape-inspired wall coverings, here are some wallpaper design tips you can apply on the walls of your rowhouse to make the space appear wider than it is.


Two-toned Stripes


In fashion, it is a popular belief that the physique appears slimmer when wearing vertical striped clothing. Conversely, wearing a horizontal line printed piece of clothing should make you appear wider. The same rules apply to walls. If you wish to widen your kitchen walls, install horizontal striped wallpaper. On the other hand, use vertical striped wallpaper to make your living room walls appear taller.

Regardless of whether you obtain pinstripes or thick stripes, limiting the colors to two will allow you to play with varied palettes and avoid overwhelming the eyes with all the shades. Sophisticated palettes include soft-colored or muted tones and neutral colors. For an even more sophisticated look, go for patterns and palettes that suit your style and personality.


Golden Wall Covering

The color gold is associated with illumination. It can make an enclosed space look brighter with its luminescent properties. Obtain the brighter shade of gold which leans toward the yellow tone. When applying the shade of gold as a wall covering, you can go for patterned ones or plain texture. For a patterned version, Acropolis stripes in gold and white should provide you with the same effect as a vertical striped wallpaper. Airwave printing should also do the trick of enhancing and widening the walls.


Linear Geometric Pattern

White Chair Against A Cubic Wall Room Mockup

Linear geometric patterns include rectangles, squares, triangles, rhombus, and hexagon or a combination of two to three shapes. Carefully placed linear geometric patterns on the wall create interest and depth. Avoid the pitfalls of incorporating all shapes that generate a psychedelic pattern or optical illusion, as this could strain the eyes and make the entire space look smaller than it is.

Modern, geometric wallpapers in cool tones exude fun and livelier setting while muted or neutral shades are considered minimalist as well as sophisticated. The simpler the geometric pattern, the better. For humble-sized kitchens with single-wall counters, it is recommended to use at least one geometric shape to prevent the space from looking smaller.


Textured Print

Often referred to as sandy wallpaper, textured finishes or prints can add real depth to a room. They are often designed to look three-dimensional, allowing texture to pop out. This way, the walls look embossed with its raised elements that make the flat surface filled with character. Moreover, textured wallpapers charm any wall. Even corner spaces are flattered with dimensional intrigue and style. From soft fabric imprints to dramatic geometric concepts, you will surely find the pattern that will please your requirements.

When choosing the color of the wallpaper, always go for soft-toned shades like cream, taupe, dirty white, or gray stone. Those colors should make the textures on the wall look almost natural. The downfall of installing textures or edges on the wall is its difficulty of removal. The process of removing the wallpaper to replace it with a different style may cause some damage to the plastering.



Landscape Inspired

What better way to decorate a wall but with nature-themed prints? Bring nature into your home with an illustrated and stunning landscape-inspired wallpaper. From the waterfall valley to simple tropical prints, your living room may appear larger than it is because of the details on it. As the eyes trail across the entire wall to appreciate the details, the mind tricks come into play. For nature lovers, there is no other foolproof way to enlarge a space but incorporating nature into a modern kitchen or the living room.


Metallic Marble Print

The sophisticated marble effect wallpaper features gold highlights with smooth finishes. The gold highlights are located in the cracks of the marble to create a lava effect. This type of wallpaper is suitable for the kitchen and the bathrooms as well as bedrooms. Overlap soft-toned colors like baby pink, silver, and white. These colors should perfectly match the gold or silver. The cracked lines of metallic illuminate as light touches it. With this, the entire space is given more character and interest.


Key Takeaway

While geometric patterns provide a greater impression of continuous wall space, textured and metallic marble prints appear to have a depth which elongates the wall.  Depending on your taste and personal style, you can either choose a single theme or apply a combination of two to three designs. Try these wallpaper design tips to discover how a simple pattern and shade can change the entire look and feel of the interiors of your home.


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