What to Look for in a Cabanatuan East House and Lot for Sale

What to Look for in a Cabanatuan East House and Lot for Sale

What do you need to look for in a Cabanatuan East house and lot for sale? At first glance, it looks very intimidating. Investing in a new home is a very daunting task, especially for families that are just starting out. You may be nervous at the premise of possibly placing your investments in the wrong place. But this only happens when you’re not careful or thinking critically. Critical thinking is part of every great decision. Famous scientists and inventors didn’t stumble upon greatness on a random day, perhaps you will if you have a stroke of luck for that day. But buying a house is a different story. It’s not a simple over the counter moment at the store. You have a lot of things to scrutinize before signing that deed.

Why is there such a deep meaning to buying a house anyway? In any culture, purchasing a home with your hard earned money is the pinnacle of pride. For people who are intent on making their family proud, nothing feels better than his. Knowing that you carefully choose your home and invest your savings in it brings a different kind of pride that is unparalleled. Any provider or homemaker can appreciate the sublime feeling this gives.

It’s definitely okay to feel a bit nervous, especially if this is your first time checking out a Cabanatuan East house and lot for sale. It’s only natural because this is a huge milestone in your life especially if this is your first experience. The factors you have to consider can determine the final outcome of your purchase. But don’t worry, this guide can bring you in the right direction. We’ll be talking about the location and what it’s all about. We’ll also explore how accessible Cabanatuan East is. For families, security is a concern, we’ll cover that here as well. Lastly, once you make a move, will you be able to thrive here?

All of these concerns will be covered in the next sections. So grab a cup of tea and a snack, let’s get started on what you need to look for in a Cabanatuan East House and Lot for Sale.

Cabanatuan East

Cabanatuan East

Let’s first take a glance at the location of Cabanatuan East. Cabanatuan East became a barrio and capital of Nueva Ecija in 1780. There’s a rich history surrounding Cabanatuan East. Did you know that General Antonia Luna was ambushed on his way to Palanan, Nueva Ecija? Another piece of history present in Cabanatuan East is a prison specifically built by the Japanese to keep American soldiers. With the brave and resilient combined powers of both American and Filipino Guerilla soldiers, they were able to free 500 prisoners of war in 1945.

Being part of Nueva Ecija, it’s a dominant Tagalog speaking province. 25% of the population, however, speaks Ilocano. Language and culture go hand in hand. Nueva Ecija is definitely rich in this. Like other provinces in the country, Christianity is a common denominator for their culture. Surrounding areas like Ilocos and Pampanga also greatly influenced the culture you can find in Nueva Ecija. With these various influences, you can say that Nueva Ecija is a melting pot of diverse and rich authentically Filipino culture.

The people of this province are devoted to their patron saints and practice a deep sense of humility. While the people are religiously centered, Nueva Ecija natives also have a deep appreciation of the art of music. The strumming of guitars pulls on the heartstrings of the locals. The beat of the drums brings forth life. Music is simply their heart and passion.

They put so much value in their families. Family is an important aspect of their values, working together with their God-fearing traits, humility, respect, and gratitude. Sharing blessings and hard work with their family is a common, noble practice of the people of this province. Families here are built to be like strong walls, impenetrable, unbreakable, resilient and protective. The ties that bind each family are strong, with their hearts fully invested in being the best they can be for each other.

What else is interesting about Cabanatuan East and Nueva Ecija? Agriculture is the primary source of business and income for the locals. It’s known as the food bowl and rice granary of Central Luzon. The products you can find in this province are rice, corn, onion, garlic, melon, and mango. The land here is so fertile that it covers around 298,742 hectares. Just perfect for the food bowl and rice granary of Central Luzon. How does the fertile land get all its nourishment? You can thank the Great Pampanga Rivers and the surrounding auxiliaries for this.

Isn’t Nueva Ecija and Cabanatuan exciting? The richness of this province is like no other. It’s absolutely unique in every way, not only with the people but also the culture. Their roots are perfect for families that are just starting out and for families who want to emphasize religion in their lives. Moving your family here will not be a problem. Your Cabanatuan House and Lot for Sale is waiting for you with open arms.



We’ve covered the province previously, but how accessible is this area? How can you get here? What are your options for transportation? Are there any nearby tourist spots you can spend your time in?

The rice granary of the Philippines is easily accessible through the North Luzon Expressway and the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway. It’s 180 kilometers away from Manila. Quite far, but the trip to this secret paradise is worth it. The unique part about Nueva Ecija and Cabanatuan is that they’re the tricycle capital of the Philippines. It’s definitely easy to get around this province with just a minimum fare of PHP 10. The fare truly reflects how simple and peaceful life in the province is.

This province is very family friendly. You can find yourself exploring the natural wonders of Cabanatuan and Nueva Ecija. If you’re already settled in your Cabanatuan East House and Lot for Sale, getting around and seeing the beauty of this place is going to be quite easy for you.

Accessibility is not always about travel. You’ll be amazed to find that there are top-notch educational and medical facilities in this province. For education, there are over 18 tertiary level schools alone. The leading educational institutions you can find include Central Luzon State University in Munoz and Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology, Wesleyan University-Philippines, La Fortuna College and Araullio University in Cabanatuan. You won’t have to worry about going too far to give your children the best education they deserve. Locals emphasize their ties to their families and it’s absolutely essential for any family that their children receive the best education to secure a bright future.

Medical facilities cater to locals of Nueva Ecija as well as the surrounding provinces. The most notable hospitals you can find are Nueva Ecija Doctors Hospital, Goodsam Medical Center, and Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center. There are plenty of private hospitals in the area as well, depending on your needs. The province also has various nursing schools and midwiferies, which are mostly located in Cabanatuan.

Shopping is also part of Filipino culture and this province is no exception. If you’re worried about where to go on your weekends with the family, there are many malls that you can spend time in. You can choose between SM Cabanatuan and NE Pacific mall or take a drive to other nearby provinces. You won’t run out of any shopping centers here.



Safety is paramount for any homeowner with a Cabanatuan House and Lot for Sale. In general, any family should consider investing in proper security measures to keep their homes safe. In actuality, the province of Nueva Ecija and the city of Cabanatuan is relatively safe. The response from authorities is above average, so you can be assured you can trust your local police force.

But why should you look at the crime rate of the place you’re moving in? This can determine the overall quality of your community and the neighborhood you choose. Keeping your loved ones and valuables should always be a priority. A responsive police force can also determine the behavior of local crime. If you’re in a situation where you find a very affordable lot but the surrounding area is dangerous, it would be best if you skip out on this deal. You may save money but it’s a possibility that you might put yourself at risk. It’s much better to invest in a house and lot that’s in a good community with proper security and gates so you know that you’re safe.

Do you know if your area is secure? Start by looking at the main gate and guard house. Is security active? Are the visitors monitored properly? Are the streets well lit? Can you spot security cameras around the area? If you can give a positive answer to these questions, you hit the jackpot.

Opportunities for Business and Employment

Opportunities for Business and Employment

In terms of banking, Cabanatuan city is just as livable as Makati. There are 60 commercial banks in the city, making it appealing as a potential business district. Local telecommunication companies have also established their offices in the city, ensuring that you’re always connected, no matter what network you choose.

Cabanatuan is the largest city in Nueva Ecija. It’s highly urbanized and is ideal for setting up regional branches for businesses. Businesses that can flourish in the city include housing, commercial establishments, and tourism facilities. Agriculture can easily be cultivated here, as mentioned earlier. A house and lot for sale in Cabanatuan would be ideal for those who are inclined to business.

The wide open spaces give businesses a chance to establish the production of consumer products like household goods and clothing. Higher learning institutes allow Cabanatuan to offer technology-related jobs. You’ll never run out of opportunities here. You don’t have to explore too far to find a job that fits you. Your job could be near the Cabanatuan East House and Lot for Sale you desire.


Your Forever Home with Cabanatuan East

Cabanatuan East Properties Corp. proudly presents to you Cabanatuan East. An affordable yet exclusive gated community located in Bangad-Fort Magsaysay Road, Brgy. Kalikid Sur, Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. The two phases of Cabanatuan East have a total land area of 35,204 sqm for phase 1 and 142,549 sqm for phase 2.

You can expect facilities such as a security guard house and the main entrance that’s just along the highway. The roads along Cabanatuan East are 12-15 meters wide for the main roads. The side roads are around 8-10 meters wide. All of the roads are paved for the convenience of the residents.

The amenities in a house and lot for sale in Nueva Ecija by Cabanatuan East include an exclusive swimming pool, children’s playground, concrete paved basketball court, multipurpose hall, clubhouse, and a commercial/shophouse. Don’t worry about excess flooding as Cabanatuan East is sure to include underground drainage. This community is powered by Cabanatuan Electric Corporation. No need to worry about water as your water utilities are ready courtesy of the Cabanatuan City Water District.

Angelica is a charming 40-80 sqm lot. This house model lies in a row and each lot has a total floor area of 24 sqm with a 12 sqm loft. The ground floor of your Angelica house model has provisions for a living area and dining area. Walls are finished with latex paint over concrete while the ceiling and eaves use fiber cement on metal frames for its exterior. The kitchen is ready with its 30x30cm counter tiles with a splashboard. The toilet and bath have a wall hung lavatory with 30x30cm wall tiles. Everything you want for a starter home is here such as secure doors and windows, and proper electricity lines

Jasmine is another house model with a total lot area of 50 sqm. The floor area it occupies is 28 sqm with a 14 sqm loft. This one-story row house has provisions for your living area, dining area, and bedroom. The wall finishes are painted with high-quality glossy latex paint. You can have similar features of Angelica and Jasmine with a much bigger lot. Jasmine covers all the bases you need.

What are you waiting for? Cabanatuan East Properties is ready for your inquiries and questions. Click here to get started in investing in your dream home.