The Advantages of a Gated Community: Living in a House in Nueva Ecija

The Advantages of a Gated Community: Living in a House in Nueva Ecija

Live a worry-free life at a house and lot for sale in Nueva Ecija within the safety of a gated community. At Cabanatuan East, you can enjoy the pleasures of life within the comfort of your own home. Be assured that your children will stay safe as they play around the streets. You can live through a traffic-free experience every day within this trusted subdivision. Finally, make use of the high-quality facilities and amenities available only to residents of this private village.

These are just some of the reasons as to why you should invest in a house and lot for sale in Nueva Ecija in Cabanatuan East. Read on to learn more about the advantages of living in a gated community.


The Flourishing Economy of Nueva Ecija

The Flourishing Economy of Nueva Ecija

Nueva Ecija is home to a number of cities that each host their own ways of further developing their economies. The majority of this landlocked province’s economy is agriculture-based. The rise in the number of businesses has been key to the province’s economic achievement. One city that has been able to further develop its economy is Cabanatuan City, whose economy has been experiencing a steady boom due to its service and agricultural sectors.

This development has allowed for employees in Cabanatuan City to enjoy salary increases and better incentives. Property developer Cabanatuan East has recognized the importance of this rising city and have invested in providing safe communities for residents looking to upgrade their living conditions. Cabanatuan East offers houses and lots for sale in Nueva Ecija within the safety of a gated community.


Security in a Gated Subdivision

Security in a Gated Subdivision

Living in a house and lot for sale in Nueva Ecija at Cabanatuan East comes with a lot of perks in terms of security. The subdivision’s main goal is to maintain the security of its residents. They allocate their budget to setting up security measures such as CCTV installation, roaming security personnel, and the development of the main gate. This creates a sense of serenity within the community.

Advantages of a Main Gate

The forefront of protection in a gated community is the main gate. Gated communities provide their residents with car stickers and identification cards for authorization purposes. Residents can use designated entrances in order for them to get in and out of the village quickly. However, those without these cannot enter the premises until security personnel clarify their reason for entering. This can greatly help protect the community from any unauthorized persons entering the grounds.


Ensure Privacy

A gated community will separate your home from the chaos of the outside world. This will allow you to carry on living your life in a quiet environment. The sense of safety that you will develop in a gated community will let you live a stress-free life. Leaving home to go to work or bring your kids to school will also not be a problem as you will be ensuring that your home will stay safe while you are out.



Gated communities can provide you with multiple advantages that other communities may not. One is that the main gate prevents traffic from building up inside the village, ensuring that its roads stay free for most of the day. You can even let your child play with other children in the safety of playgrounds found in open areas scattered around the vicinity. Private communities such as Cabanatuan East house a number of amenities that you can enjoy with your loved ones in the privacy of the subdivision.

Stable Electricity & Water Supply

Stable Electricity & Water Supply

Gated communities can offer residents stable electricity and water supply. A house and lot for sale in Nueva Ecija at Cabanatuan East will always give you a steady supply of electricity and water. Local water utilities are supplied by the Cabanatuan City Water District, ensuring that you will never run out of water when you most need it. Electricity is provided by the Cabanatuan Electric Light System (CELCOR), which can give 24/7 electricity to keep your cozy home illuminated.

The supply of water and electricity is also less likely to run out in a gated community, giving you the chance to utilize them for fun activities with your loved ones. You can invest in a smart TV where you can play games and hold a movie marathon with your loved ones. You can also install a stable Wi-Fi connection in order to keep you connected to the internet at all times. In terms of water, you could beat the heat by investing in an inflatable pool for you and your children. If you are looking for even more fun adventures to go on with your family, consider availing Cabanatuan East’s high-class amenities.

High-Class Amenities

High-Class Amenities

Houses and lots for sale in Nueva Ecija, found in gated communities such as Cabanatuan East, can also offer you amenities unique to their communities. The layout of these spaces is mapped out to include amenities and facilities that their residents can make use of. These are usually places of leisure that whole families can enjoy. Read on to learn about some of the high-class amenities that can be found within gated communities.

Swimming Pool

If you enjoy swimming for a few laps as a form of exercise, then you would enjoy the luxuries of Cabanatuan East’s pool. These exclusive pools are for the enjoyment of residents only, giving you privacy while you enjoy with your loved ones. Instead of driving to a public swimming pool or availing of a membership at a sports club, these swimming pools are readily available for residents of gated communities.

If you are looking for other ways to stay active, you could also make use of the village’s basketball court.


Basketball Court

Cabanatuan East is split up into two phases, with each phase having their own basketball court. These courts are the real deal, complete with high-quality backboards and proper court lines. Invite your closest friends over to enjoy shooting some baskets or making some new friends on the court by creating 5 v 5 teams made up of your neighbors.

Looking for a way to get your children some exercise while having fun? Check out these playgrounds found within gated communities.


Children’s Playground

If you have little ones, there are playgrounds found in open spaces around the subdivision. These playgrounds are made of high quality and durable materials to ensure your children’s safety as they play around with their closest friends. You can teach your child the fun of pushing yourself higher and higher up on a swing. If you have more than one child, you could teach them how to enjoy a seesaw safely.

These amenities could also be used as party venues for special occasions. If you are looking for a bigger space, there are accessible event areas in Cabanatuan East.

Accessible Event Areas Around Your House and Lot for Sale in Nueva Ecija

Accessible Event Areas Around Your House and Lot for Sale in Nueva Ecija

Besides providing you with necessities for your daily life, gated communities also house event areas for you to celebrate special occasions in. Once you reserve the area, it will be all yours for the remainder of the day. You are free to decorate it however you want to, depending on the theme of your special day. You will also be able to celebrate your special occasion without worrying about the safety of your guests.


Multipurpose Hall

Cabanatuan East’s multipurpose hall is found right beside the basketball court. Whether you are going to use it for a birthday celebration or a reunion with your friends, you will be able to easily decorate and customize the area to fit your preferences. You can make use of the basketball court as is, provided that you bring your own basketball. Or you could install inflatables for children to enjoy on the basketball court. These areas are wide enough for you to be able to invite a large number of your closest friends and family.


Found beside the swimming pool, Cabanatuan East’s clubhouse is the perfect events area for summer themed celebrations. Invite your guests to bring their swimsuits and towels to take a dip in the swimming pool. Hire an ice cream vendor to come and provide your guests with cool and sweet delights. You can also prepare for some fun competitions that can be done within the pool itself.


In order to gather everything that you would need in order to have the perfect celebration, take a look at commercial establishments found within and around Cabanatuan East.

Commercial Establishments Within and Around a Gated Community

Commercial Establishments Within and Around a Gated Community

Ideal gated communities are found near commercial establishments that can satisfy a number of your needs. Besides its in-village shop, Cabanatuan East is just a short walk and drive away from places where you can find high-quality items and delicious local dishes. Take note of these commercial establishments that you can explore to find what you may be looking for.

Grocery Stores and Markets

In order to look for the highest quality ingredients to create your specialty birthday spaghetti, take a look at the Cabanatuan Night Market, found just a short drive away from Cabanatuan East. Run out of ice cream? Head on over to Prosperity Supermarket to get tubs for your child’s birthday party.

Shopping Malls

If you are planning on looking through a number of stores, take a look at Robinsons Cabanatuan. You will surely be able to easily find and gather any kind of item you may need. Other stores you can choose to explore are those found in SM Cabanatuan. To increase the security of your own home, look through these malls for CCTV cameras that you can have installed into your home.



If you are just looking for a good time, then feel free to check out the different restaurants found around Cabanatuan East. Restaurants such as Hapag Vicenticos offer boodle fights to be able to cater to a large group of your closest friends. They specialize in cooking authentic Filipino dishes. If you are looking to buy a bulk order to serve at your kid’s birthday party, then head over to KFC Cabanatuan Highway, which is just a short drive away from Cabanatuan East.

The prime location of Cabanatuan East places it just a couple of minutes away from these commercial establishments. Interested in knowing more about this luxury gated community? Read on to learn more about its stylish home models.

Stylish House Models in Cabanatuan East Subdivision

Stylish House Models in Cabanatuan East Subdivision

The unique components of Cabanatuan East’s houses and lots for sale in Nueva Ecija are its layout and its house models. In order to better maximize space, these models are split into two phases found within the gated village: row houses and single detached houses. Each of these phases come with their own style and design, giving an aesthetically pleasing suburban feel.


Single Detached

Single detached houses are a series of homes with a certain amount of space in between them. These spaces can be used to park your car or to set up a garden. Phase two of Cabanatuan East is comprised of single detached homes. They come in two types: Azalea and Dahlia.

Both the Azalea and Dahlia types include a master bedroom and two other bedrooms. They are also both two-storey single detached homes. The Dahlia type has a Lot Area of 120-239 sqm and a Floor Area of 70 sqm. The Azalea type has a total Lot Area of 100-165 sqm and a Floor Area of 50 sqm.


Row Houses

Row houses are joined by common sidewalls and are all designed in the same modern architectural style. The homes found in Phase One of Cabanatuan East are row houses. These row houses come in two different styles: Angelica and Jasmine.

The Jasmine Type is a one-storey row house. Its Min Lot Area is 50 sqm and its Floor Area is 32sqm. The Angelica Type is a one-storey row house with a loft. Its Min Lot Area is 40 sqm and its Floor Area is 24 sqm + loft of 12sqm.

Besides choosing the perfect style for you, take note of these advantages that will guarantee your safety and happiness within a gated community.


Choose to Live in Ease and Style with Cabanatuan East!

When it comes to finding the ideal house and lot for sale in Cabanatuan city, there are a number of advantages to living in a private subdivision. One of the key points of investing in a house and lot for sale in Nueva Ecija located within a gated community is safety. As only authorized people can enter the village, you and your home’s safety are always guaranteed.

Another perk that you can avail of within a house for sale in Nueva Ecija is stability in terms of resources such as electricity and water supply. Along with these access to basic necessities, you will also have the luxury to access high-quality facilities and amenities that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Choose to live an active and worry-free life with your loved ones.

Choose to live in ease and style at Cabanatuan East!

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