Effective Ways to Declutter a Small Space

by Admin March 6

What are some of the most effective ways to declutter a small space?

  1. Clean Your Nightstand
  2. Use the Space Under Your Bed
  3. Own Less Stuff
  4. Install Wall Shelves
  5. Go for Multi-Functional Furniture
  6. Toss, Keep, or Move to Proper Storage


Decluttering is an effective method of getting rid of things in your house for sale in Nueva Ecija, saying goodbye to old stuff that you do not use any more to offer space for the new ones that will serve a better purpose. Regardless of whether you wish to live a minimal life or merely wanted to at least declutter the house by a small percentage, here are some of the effective and wonderful ways to organize.


Clean Your Nightstand

Nightstands are small cabinets located beside either the left or right side of the bed. For a decluttered look, make sure to limit it to three decorations or items placed on the surface top. A lamp, book, and a small box for pieces of jewelry. For small spaces, you will only need a nightstand with two drawers. Look for a small and narrow table that will improve the functionality of your bedroom.


Use the Space Under Your Bed

Use The Space Under Your Bed

Utilize the space under your bed by either installing drawers or using crafty baskets with caster wheels. The best bins have wheels on them for easy gliding. Alternatively, you can use canvas containers or customer wood bins on casters. Store your shoes, books, and even spare linens or extra bedsheets as well as pillowcases in the space under your bed. Make sure every square meter in the room is occupied and put to good use.

For the children’s room, you can use the space under their beds to store toys, books, and even their own clothes to eliminate the use of tall cabinets. Apart from maximizing the space in the room, you are also allowing optimal accessibility.


Own Less Stuff

Living minimally means finding balance through simplicity. If you are the type to hold onto sentimental things, it might be difficult for you to get rid of the small items that pile up and turn into clutter. It can be a library of books that might be your most treasured possession, a jar of shells that turned into a basket, or shoes that can now occupy an entire room.

With this, it is best to find storage that will prevent eyesores. You can hide them from plain sight by putting them under tables or by keeping them dust-free and organized should already do the trick. Conversely, if you really wish to convert to minimal living, you have to sacrifice the sentimental value of things. Focus on quality over quantity. This allows you to purchase and invest in tangible things wisely.


Install Wall Shelves

White Empty Shelf On White Wall.

Wall shelves are considered the best narrow storage solutions that remain in one area of the room. For books, shoes, jars, and other decorative, functional items at home that are often used, you can store them on wall shelves. Aside from decorating your room, you are also removing the clutter on the floor that can limit the space for walking. Use the space under the wall shelves for more storage such as small cabinets or drawers. Make sure the wall shelves


Go for Multi-Functional Furniture

Make the most out of furniture by looking for pieces that have dual or multiple functions. They can be ottomans or benches that can be used as normal lunge chairs and at the same time flip open for useful storage. Apart from chairs, there are also beds that can be converted into mini-libraries. You can either DIY these pieces of multifunctional furniture or find them in your local furniture shop.

Finding multifunctional furniture, especially for living in small spaces, allows you to save up. They are furniture investments that make every cent spent worthwhile. Instead of having individual pieces of furniture, get ones that offer storage and the functionality they were created for.


Toss, Keep, or Move to Proper Storage

Toss, Keep, Or Move To Proper Storage

Finally, the best and arguably the most effective way to declutter a small space is to do the usual toss or keep. Take out all the clutter and belongings, from your shoes, clothes, stationery, and accessories you have, then pile them in the middle of the room. Get a box and label them with the categories: “Toss”, “Keep”, and “Move to Proper Storage”.


Key Takeaway

If you just acquired your house for sale in Nueva Ecija, it is easier to think of ways to declutter. Always remember that decluttering means regularly editing the contents of your drawers, shelves, and storages to prevent them from piling up. It might be hard to decide whether to toss or keep something especially if your decisions are not based on the functionality of an item but the sentimental value to it.