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Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan70 sqm

Ground Floor Plan

Plan Details

35 sqm

Ground Floor


35 sqm

Second Floor


70 sqm

Total Area

Technical Specifications

Wall Finishes:

  • Exterior
    • 2 Coats Semi-Gloss Latex
      Paint on Rough Finish
  • Interior
    • Costura Finish
  • T &  B Bedroom Partitions
    • Plaster Finish
    • No Partitions

Ceiling and Eaves:

  • Ground Floor
    • Exposed Under Slab
  • Second Floor
    •  Exposed Trusses

Floor Finishes:

  • Ground Floor
    • Plain Cement
  • Second Floor T & B
    • Plain Cement
    • Floor Tiles on Concrete Slab

Kitchen Counter Top:

  • Plain Cement

Toilet and Bath Fixtures:

  • Floor Tiles On Concrete Slab
  • Plaster Finish
  • Plain PVC Door

Doors and Windows:

  • Main
    • Molded Door
  • Bedrooms
    • N/A
  • Service
    • Molded Door
  • T & B
    • Plan PVC Door

Roofing System:

  • Pre Painted Longspan Rib Type Roofing w/ Gutter and Downspout On C Purlins Roof Frame


  • Complete Wiring w/ Service Switches and Outlets, Breakers, With Housing


Specifications and finish are subject to change without notice depending on availability and/or its comparable equivalent. (Driveway parking, landscape celcor application, fence not included)