How to Buy a House and Lot in Nueva Ecija

by Admin September 17

How can you buy a house and lot in Nueva Ecija?

  1. Step One: Approach a Real Estate Broker
  2. Step Two: Visit the Site
  3. Step Three: Sign the Reservation Agreement
  4. Step Four: Submit the Necessary Documents
  5. Step Five: Move-In to Your New Property
  6. Step Six: Pay Taxes and Homeowner’s Dues


Are you looking to buy a house for sale in Nueva Ecija?

Don’t know where to start? Then this is definitely the article for you.

In order to buy a house, you need the assistance of a real estate broker. These are professionals certified by the company to take you through different properties. They will guide you through site visits as well as the paperwork needed to complete the process.

Want a step-by-step process? Read on!


Approach a Real Estate Broker

Asian Realtor Presenting A New Home

Have you found a village or a community that you want to live in?

Then your first step should be to approach a real estate broker, agent, or sales personnel. Make sure that they are licensed and certified. Try to take a look at the reviews from their old clients to see their capabilities.

After finding the right one, you will be shown a presentation that includes an overview of the properties. In this meeting, brokers will present options in terms of available house models, the amenities of the area, as well as your price options.

Once you have gotten more knowledge about the facilities, the next step is to set a site visit date.


Visit the Site

A site visit is your chance to take a first-hand look at the properties you are interested in. You will be accompanied by an accredited broker, agent, or sales personnel. In this tour, you should expect to receive more details about the houses that you are interested in. The broker will also show you around the different amenities and other places that might benefit you around the area.

Once you have found and inspected the house you want, the next part is to sign a reservation agreement.


Sign the Reservation Agreement

Hands Of Agent And Client Shaking Hands After Signed Contract Bu

Once you choose the property you are interested in, you will be briefed on the required paperwork that you would need to submit. This includes a Personal Information Sheet, Quotation Sheet, and Reservation Agreement.

Other steps that will be covered in the brief are:

  • The reservation process
  • Documentary requirements
  • Step-by-Step process
  • Pag-ibig and bank financing
  • What to do before Move-in and House Turnover
  • Administrative Policies
  • The timeline

After you have been briefed, you will need to pay the reservation fee. After which the purchase will be formalized. The next step for you would be to submit the necessary documents previously discussed.


Submit the Necessary Documents

Now, you must complete and submit the necessary documents. You are given 30 days after paying the reservation fee to submit the paperwork. Take note that requirements depend on your employment status. There are different documents for those who are locally employed, self-employed or are an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

Make sure that you flesh the details out with your real estate broker. This will give you an easier time gathering everything you need.

Once you have completed this task, you will be closer to moving into your new home.


Move-In to Your New Property

Young Happy Asian Couple Moving To Their New Home, Open Boxes To

After all the finances have been settled, all you need to do is wait for construction to be complete. After this, your property will officially be yours. Before moving in, the real estate company will invite you to go through a joint inspection. This is to confirm that all commitments and deals have been maintained before it is turned over to you.

If you are satisfied after your inspection, you can now start moving into your new home. You will also be introduced to the homeowner’s dues and taxes that need to be paid.


Pay Taxes and Homeowner’s Dues

Now that you are officially a homeowner, you need to pay some new costs. Specifically, you will need to pay Real Property Tax and the Homeowner’s Association dues from your new village.

For you to properly save up for all of the fees and costs that you need to pay for, make sure you save up enough extra money. This will also keep you prepared for any other additional costs that you may need to pay for.

This is just a simplified version of the step-by-step process of buying a house in Nueva Ecija. Make sure you avail of the services of a reputable real estate broker to give you an even easier time buying your dream home.


Key Takeaway

Have you found the perfect house for sale in Nueva Ecija that you want? Make sure to take note of these steps to secure your future home as soon as possible.

As a final note, look for experienced real estate brokers who are certified to sell properties you are interested in. This will make the overall process easier for you to go through. Make a list of the paperwork that you need to have in order to make sure that all your documents are complete.