5 Powerful Feng Shui Tips for Row Houses

by Admin January 30

What are Feng Shui tips for row houses?

  1. Make the Front Door Clutter-free
  2. Keep the Center of the House
  3. Avoid Placing the Bed Against a Shared Wall
  4. Never Place a High Cabinet in Front of a Window
  5. Use Decorations to Slow Down Chi Energy


The Chi, Qi, or Ki energy is the balance between the Yin and Yang. Scientifically, it is the positive and negative electromagnetic energy that flows through every creation. When it comes to aligning the energy in your house with the rules of Feng Shui, you can master interior design by taking note of two things about the chi energy present. One is slowing down the chi energy. The other is preventing it from storming out of passageways. For your newly acquired house for sale in Cabanatuan city, apply the following Feng Shui principles to live a harmonious life with respect to the energy that flows within your surroundings.


Make the Front Door Clutter-free

Like air, Chi energy may enter a house through the windows and doors. With this, it is necessary that you make it a point not to obstruct the passageways. Often, a couch or shoe rack is placed close to the front door wherein the space allotted is just enough for it to be opened inwards. Reconsider your furniture placement. While it is ideal to have a couch across the door, Feng Shui principles say otherwise. If a wall directly greets you as you open the front door, prevent placing a bookcase or shoe rack that could obstruct the space. Instead, place pieces of paintings or picture frames as decorations on the wall.


Keep the Center of the House

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Keeping the center of the house entails maintaining the space clutter-free as it serves as a place wherein the Chi energy is collected. Determine what is in the center of your row house? Is it an empty space that divides the kitchen from the living room? No matter the furniture or decoration is placed in the middle of the house, make sure it corresponds well with the Chi energy of the house. If you use a bookcase or table to divide the living room and kitchen, consider replacing it with a low-maintenance fish tank or incorporating leafy decorations like a faux bonsai tree. This way, you attract the chi to maintain in the center of the house which touches other areas of the house.


Avoid Placing the Bed Against a Shared Wall

Row houses have shared walls for the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. One important thing you must take note of when placing beds is to avoid having the headboard directly on a shared wall. Many Feng Shui experts say that dilemmas in couples’ relationships are greatly affected by the placement of the bed’s headboard.

If the space in your bedroom prevents you from applying the Feng Shui principle, you can use heavy furniture to mimic a wall. Finally, never place the bed wherein your feet are directly facing the door. The bed positioning takes the image of the coffin position. It describes the way the bed is in line with the door.


Never Place a High Cabinet in Front of a Window

Never Place A High Cabinet In Front Of A Window

Avoid placing pieces of furniture like tall cabinets, shelves, and desks in front of windows. The sun is supposed to penetrate the windows without obstruction. According to Chinese belief, the sun provides a healing energy called sun chi. The energy is attracted to open windows without having to pass through any object. For row houses, windows are usually located just beside the front door. With this, the amount of sun chi that can get through comes in tremendous amounts. Allow the light to shine through every window in the house to keep the sun chi flowing in.


Use Decorations to Slow Down Chi Energy

Row houses with direct line-of-sight between the front and the door entails the chi shooting in and out of the house too quickly. With this, decorations placed in the middle of the house may slow down the flow of chi energy. The goal is to slow down the travel of the chi energy and attract it to linger longer. By placing a patterned rug on the floor, artwork on the walls, faux plants, or center tables, you are able to force the chi energy to move in a graceful way that allows the vibe to spread around your row house evenly.


Key Takeaway

If you are looking at buying a house for sale in Cabanatuan city, incorporate Feng Shui principles to have a fruitful and harmonious life. Add positive energy and keep the Chi flowing gracefully around your row house. While it can be quite challenging to apply Feng Shui in a row house, once you find ways to do so, your home will exude positivity which can change the way you see and live life.


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