Real Estate Broker’s Guide to Appealing to Millennial Homebuyers

by Admin February 11

How can real estate brokers appeal to millennial homebuyers?

  1. Enhance Visual Presentations
  2. Online Presence is Key
  3. Offer Something Unique
  4. Share Real-Life Experiences
  5. Know When to Call and Text


Millennials are considered the generation of tech-savvies. If you wish to appeal to the growing market of millennial homebuyers, learn to adapt to their ways. In addition to that, you must gain a better understanding of their buying behavior as well as their methods of saving and investing money. For those real estate brokers who need some guidance to appeal to millennial homebuyers and successfully sell a house for sale in Nueva Ecija in the Philippines, take a look at these effective ways you can apply in your day-to-day broker job.


Enhance Visual Presentations

Millennials today are drawn to or attracted to visuals and aesthetics. They tend to purchase a commodity if the branding speaks to them. Pay attention to the visual presentations you upload online. Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are popular visually-based sites amongst young home buyers. With that, put extra effort into preparing or staging a house for open tours. For visually-compelling online content, you can opt to hire photographers or videographers to shoot and take pictures during open house tours. Otherwise, make sure you have a form of documentation going on that will serve as a plug to advertise the new home you are selling.

Online Presence is Key

Young Couple Holding Symbols Of House

If there is one effort you must make to appeal to young Millennial homebuyers, it must remain present and active online. The younger generation today is labeled as digital natives. With that in mind, ensure your digital marketing efforts are always on point and targeting the right scope of buyers in terms of decision-making requirements such as location and type of home. Gone are the days when email marketing or traditional door-to-door real estate marketing are the only methods for approaching prospective clients. Today’s online presence is key to tapping into the homebuyers’ market, especially the younger generation, who would depend on most of their buying process through the use of mobile gadgets and digital technology.


Offer Something Unique

Being a real estate broker is one of the most competitive jobs in the business world today. With that, your ultimate goal is to establish your competitive advantage within the local real estate brokerage industry. Through your social media platforms and websites, you can specify your own unique offerings that should help you stand out amongst the pool of real estate brokers. Apart from online proof, here are other ways to establish your competitive advantage.


  • Clearly define your services and products

Young millennial homebuyers do not like paying for vague promises. They need proof that you can deliver them a house according to certain standards with great consideration of their budget. With that, you must clearly define your services and products to set realistic expectations for your clients. Avoid using technical real estate terms and as much as possible use simple words to prevent confusion on the part of the client.


  • Remove uncertainty

In general, the consumer market feels uneasy spending their hard-earned money on intangible services. Your duty as a real estate broker is to make the clients feel comfortable availing your services and working with you during the entire home buying process.


  • Demonstrate your skills

One of the best and foolproof ways to demonstrate your skills is to create online content showcasing several case studies related to real estate as well as writeups containing insightful messages.


Share Real-Life Experiences

Asian Young Family Couple Handshake With Property Real Estate Ag

Millennials greatly appreciate brands that make use of experiential marketing. The method, called experiential marketing, is applied to strategically engage consumers through branded experiences. As a real estate broker, you are challenged to create a memorial on the clients that you encounter as well as those seeking services. The benefits you should get when you apply experiential marketing are the attraction of a broader group of individual clients, nurturing of new ones, and finally, keeping in touch with past clients.

There are plenty of ways you can do this to give your clients the best home buying process experience. One of which is an invite for a pre-viewing of houses. It can be time-consuming to carry out the strategy yet it still presents an ideal method to attract the customers. Getting their trust is easier because they will realize that you are willing to extend your efforts.


Know When to Call and Text

If the generations X and Y are inclined to use the telephone to inquire and their mobile devices to call or text, the younger Millennial generation would rather meet in person or talk through social media. Talking through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and email is the best way to keep in touch with millennials apart from inviting them for a coffee. If you must, respond to their inquiry by discussing a few important pointers and then invite them for a meeting over coffee.


Key Takeaway

If you are a real estate broker, regardless of whether you are selling a house for sale in Nueva Ecija in the Philippines or a condominium in the city, your best bet of winning a client is to be present online. Millennials are known to be digital natives. They were born in the modern and digital era wherein everything and anything can be done with a simple click of a link or button. They simply have the world at the tip of their fingers. With that, having strong branding through social media platforms should help you sell a property to the younger generation.