8 Resourceful Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Private Space

by Admin December 23

What are some ways to make a backyard a private space?

  1. Classic Wooden Fences
  2. Grow a Tall Hedge
  3. Plant Towering Bamboos
  4. Build a Pergola
  5. Build a Vine-covered Pergola
  6. Put Up a Living Fence
  7. Build a Trellis
  8. Go for Curtains


Your home is your sanctuary. If you are the type to enjoy most of your day at home, it is only right to make every square foot of your house cozy and private. Living in a rowhouse is much like living in a single-family detached house, you will definitely feel like there are eyes watching you from houses on either side of yours. With that, look no further. Here are some amazing and creative do-it-yourself backyard exterior design ideas.


Classic Wooden Fences

Wood Background Realistic Vector Illustration

Wood is the cheapest material that you can use to create a little privacy in your backyard. From dark, cherry, or light wood, you will never run out of wooden material to use. Wood fencing does not only enable you to have a private space in your backyard but it also adds visual design. This type of fencing is the most commonly used by many houses because of its ease of installation and aesthetic looks. The only enemy of wood fencing is heavy and frequent rainfall. Despite that, you can preserve the quality of the wood with proper construction and routine maintenance.


Grow a Tall Hedge

For people who love nature and would like to see more greenery in their backyard. Envelope the space in your backyard with towering green hedges to conceal your activities. A well-planted hedge can reach virtually any height, especially if they are routinely given the right care. Nevertheless, hedges only needed a fair amount of maintenance. The only downside of hedge fencing is the amount of investment and time it takes to grow it. It typically takes hours to landscape the soil so that the seeds are aligned with each other.


Plant Towering Bamboos

Plant Towering Bamboos

If you are looking to transform your backyard into a tropical retreat space, planting bamboo remains your best option. These bamboos grow tall enough to make your backyard a cozy hideaway. With the leaves that grow on the sides of the bamboo, your backyard will instantly feel like it is not in the city. Similar to hedges, bamboo is also quite expensive to plant and grows slower. Despite that, the results are still amazing. The effect of the bamboo in the backyard is definitely worth all the cost and time invested.


Build a Pergola

A fence might not be what you need to conceal your backyard from prying neighbors from the second level of the house. Instead, opt to build a pergola. The pergola is an archway that consists of an upper roof-like structure. Wood columns and beams will obstruct the vision of those who are viewing from above. Constructing your own pergola for the backyard can be quite tedious. With this, you will need two or more people to lift and put the overhead beams on top of the columns.


Grow a Vertical Overhead Garden

Romantic and extremely private, these are a few of the benefits of having a vertical garden. After building a pergola, you can allow vines to grow, climb, and wrap the entire overhead. With this, you are adding extra privacy and design to your backyard. It may take quite a while for the vines to grow but it is extremely worth the wait. In addition to that, you can hang pots of plants along the beams for added decor.


Put Up a Living Fence

Nature Green Leaf Background And Textured, Leaves Wall Or Hedge

Picture a shelf of books lined up. Now, replace books with plants in your imagination. That is what a living fence should look like. Creating a custom-made vertical garden is easy if you have the right patience to grow and take care of plants. Instead of plants occupying plenty of foot space in your background, why not elevate them? Not only does this make watering easier, but it also frees up some space in your backyard that you can use for leisure and outdoor activities.


Build a Trellis

For all the green thumbs and nature-lovers, here is yet another tropical backyard fencing project that you can do. A backyard trellis is somehow similar to a pergola. They are ideal for flowering vines as well as hanging potted plants. The only difference between the two is that a trellis does not have an overhead, unlike the pergola. If you are looking for fencing ideas, a trellis can be a great alternative to a simple wood fence.


Go for Drape Curtains

Window Curtains

Are you wishing to bring a cozy plush couch in your backyard, where you can have a space to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a lounge for your afternoon book reading session? Then draping curtains can make your outdoor room-like space become more comfortable. Hang the curtains on a make-shift rod archway or a trellis to conceal your space.


Key Takeaway

When improving your backyard, make sure to consider the measurement of the space. Some designs are only ideal for large-sized backyards like a pergola, trellis, shelved potted plants, and hedge walls. Above all else, consider the structure of your house and the houses beside you. If you are living in a rowhouse, pergola remains your best option as it can cover the top view. Otherwise, take inspiration from backyard exterior design ideas and experience a fully-private, cozy, and snug space.


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