The Ultimate Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers

by Admin February 21

How do you inspect homes?

  1. Evaluate the Property’s Foundation
  2. Observe the Structural Integrity of the House
  3. Examine the Exterior of the House
  4. Take Notes of the Interior Areas
  5. Familiarize with the Electrical System


When looking for a house, your list of requirements would initially have the type of house, number of bedrooms, and other factors that please your demands. While these considerations are important, it is also necessary to find a house in good condition. Whether you are working with a professional home inspector or not, you should still be able to identify the crucial parts of the house to inspect as a homebuyer. The more you know about the process, the easier it will be to evaluate the house and lot for sale in Cabanatuan city or the property that you have been eyeing. From the foundation and exteriors to the interior and electrical system of the house, here is a categorized checklist that should help you in inspecting the house.


Evaluate the Property’s Foundation

The foundation is the first step in the process of building a house. Regardless of the material used to construct the foundation, it can have a major impact on the home if something happens to it. If you do not have a home inspector with you, there are a few simple ways to spot if the foundation is durable.

By simply looking for cracks inside and the outside of the home in the walls, you will determine if the foundation is steadfast. If you spot any cracks, the soil around the foundation must be expanding and contracting which means there is pressure placed on the walls. With this, the perimeter walls might bulge.

Take note, the cracks you are looking for must be large, out-of-place cracks. The kind of cracks that look like they will open wider any time soon. Hairline cracks are usually a normal process of the house settling.


Observe the Structural Integrity of the House

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There is no doubt about the structure of the houses built by a reliable real estate company. Often, it is the soil wherein the house stands that has a notable and profound effect on the foundation and entire structural integrity of the house. The structural integrity of a house refers to its ability to maintain its form over time. Preventing the major issues of collapsing or breaking. To observe a house’s structural integrity, you must look at the house as a whole. Watch out for sagging and angled roods as well as cracks due to pests and water damage.


Examine the Exterior of the House

By observing the exterior of the house you will determine where additional caulking is needed to prevent water seepage in the case of heavy rainfall. You will find broken seals on doors and glass, deteriorating roofs as well as the front and backyard water line issues. Here are the parts of the house’s exterior that you must check during the inspection.

  • Exterior doors
  • Roofs and eaves
  • Water lines

While you may not be aware of how other parts like the water lines are inspected, it is still necessary that you know the reason why they are evaluated. For instance, all piping is tested including drains, vents, and waste systems so that the ingress and egress of water are organized. This prevents water leakage that can be a headache, most especially during rainy seasons.


Take Notes of the Interior Areas

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Apart from spot-checking the tiles, floor, and wall finishes, as well as the condition of the ceilings, make sure to crack the doors and windows open to see if they need repairs. In addition, test the built-in kitchen utilities like service faucets as well as the lavatory found in the bathroom.

  • Doors and windows
  • Installed kitchen utilities
  • Walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Toilet and bath fixtures

Spot the slightest damage, and even a broken water closet flush valve should be written down to let the real estate broker you are working with know your concerns. Ensure you have checked the interior parts, utilities, and areas of the house before signing the contract and moving in.


Familiarize with the Electrical System

Electrical components like the breaker down to the switches must be inspected and tested to verify their condition. One of the few things that your breaker must have is housing, regardless if it is located indoors or outdoors. The housing prevents minors from touching it if located indoors. Conversely, the breaker is protected from any external conditions if placed outdoors.

  • Breaker
  • Convenience outlets and switches


Key Takeaway

Purchasing your dream home is probably one of the biggest life decisions you will ever make. Before you decide to hire the assistance of a home inspector, you must be able to observe the minor issues in advance. A home inspection checklist is a valuable tool when visiting a house and lot for sale in Cabanatuan city or property you wish to buy. It can save you from the costs of having a home inspector come over to check the house for you. If there are issues that you wish to be addressed, your real estate broker should be able to sort things out for you.