Simple Checklist for Finding the Right House

by Admin January 15

What are some of the ways of finding the right house?

  1. Consider Your Budget
  2. Consider the Location
  3. Make a List a Priority List
  4. Consider Your Non-negotiables
  5. Take Note of Your Negotiables
  6. Get Advice
  7. Enjoy the Process


When it comes to choosing the right house for you and your family, it is necessary to look at the bigger picture of the buying process as well as the finer details. The bigger picture includes more than just the house. Consider your neighborhood and the entire community. Is it accessible? Is there a marketplace, a park, or a school nearby? After you have carefully examined the whole picture, shift your focus to the finer details. These include the structure of the house and its interiors. Is the space sufficient for your family? Will it be a home wherein you can make new memories with your loved ones?


Consider Your Budget

Align your budget with the housing requirements you have in mind. Carefully consider the type of financing assistance you can avail of and take a good look at your savings as well as the financial capacity to cover for the relative expenses. Let your budget and the granted financing dictate the house you must purchase. Avoid burning your pocket, burying yourself in debt, and working extra jobs just to obtain a house. There are plenty of rowhouses and single-story houses that can provide you a beautiful home without breaking the bank.


Consider the Location

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Apart from the budget and the house, you must also consider the location. Safety must always be your priority. When you are scouting for a house, observe the environment as well. Is it safe and conducive for children? If the answer is yes, shift your focus to the entertainment side. Are there any nearby parks and malls where you can unwind with your family? Accessibility to establishments is one of the major factors in buying a house. Part of it is transportation. A house situated in an area where public transportation is readily available must be on top of your list of priorities.


Make a List a Priority List

There is no fixed template when making a priority list. Focus on the important things to you. Are you looking for pretty details like the presence of a balcony or a loft? Are you searching for functional and the latest features? Write a bulleted or numbered list of factors important to you before you rank them according to their significance. It is necessary to classify the factors depending on their importance. Starting from the greatest down to the least or the other way around. With a categorized list, you will be able to set your non-negotiables and negotiables.


Consider Your Non-negotiables

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Once you have established your priority list, it is time to decide which ones you are not willing to give up. For example, having two bathrooms is on top of your list. Yet, the houses and lots you discover only consist of a single bathroom. Are you willing to give that up? Separating your non-negotiables apart from the priority list will allow you to see the finer details when scouting for a house. It enables you to set your ideals straight in order to obtain the best house.


Take Note of Your Negotiables

Your negotiables should consist of the ones that you are willing to give up. It could be anything from built-in cabinets, the main gate that towers the entire front porch, real wood floors or granite countertops. These are the things that you can compromise on for a variety of reasons. More often, people compromise these things to align with the budget on hand. Others choose to sacrifice other things because of a healthy and safe environment that fosters peace as well as unity between neighbors.


Get Advice

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Obtain an outsider’s perspective. The advice could come from a person you trust or a reliable real estate broker. Buying a house is a huge decision to make and you should not always keep it to yourself. Sometimes, it is better to see both sides of the coin. Another person’s point of view might be more discerning towards things that you overlooked. If you have a friend who is an architect or a house builder, have them join you during house tours. They will be able to give you honest opinions about the structure of the house.


Enjoy the Process

The only way you can obtain confidence in buying a house is if you enjoy the process. If you have done your homework, listed down your priorities, non-negotiables, and negotiables to align with your budget, then you will have a hassle-free house acquisition. Buying a home is a big event in life and often one of the greatest accomplishments. It does not happen many times in a person’s life which is why you must let yourself enjoy every single bit of planning.


Key Takeaway

Buying a house can be a daunting task but it does not have to be. A gentle reminder: In choosing the right house, you must enjoy the process and buy with confidence. Take note of the simple yet effective ways of finding the right house to obtain self-fulfillment without any reservations and doubts. From aligning your budget with your ideas to making a list of the things you wish to prioritize. An ensured purchase delivers nothing but pure joy!