Top 5 Benefits of Living in a Row House

by Admin October 3

What are the advantages of living in a row house?

  1. Economical Yet Spacious
  2. Relatively Greater Privacy
  3. Improved Community Engagement
  4. Enjoy Multi-Story Living
  5. No Need to Pay for Maintenance


Are you getting weary from the monotony of single-flat or apartment life? Does it bother you to live beside a two-story house that has extensive views of your roof and your outdoor activities? All things considered, your most convenient solution is to move to a row of housing.

Living in a row house is how you can get the privacy you need and even have the chance to enjoy a multi-story life. Discover houses and lots for sale in Nueva Ecija that are comfortable, accessible, and privately secured. Here are the most notable benefits of row housing.


Affordable and Economical Yet Spacious

Row houses are extremely affordable compared to bungalow houses and single-story detached houses. Since you basically share the outside walls with your neighbors, you do not pay for any remaining spaces of the lot. The frugal nature of row housing is based on the fact that it is a lot less expensive because you do not pay for two exterior sidewalls. That is a huge minus in the rent. Living in a row house will allow you to experience the space of a villa and the economical features of an apartment.

While most row houses are spacious, it is important to note that these houses have a set number of rooms. Commonly, there are two baths and three bedrooms. You must consider the number of family members that will fit in each room.


Relatively Greater Privacy

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With the limited windows mostly installed at either the back or front, surely you will reside with the privacy you need. Contrary to the notion that row housing has minimal private corners compared to villas and apartments, they actually offer areas in the house that can reject the noise coming from the outside.

Despite the shared walls between the row houses, you are provided a more secure home. As opposed to a flat or apartment where you cannot ignore your noisy neighbors, a row house allows you to seclude or involve yourself you’re your neighbors whenever you want. Moreover, you do not share the waterline and the garden with them.


Improved Community Engagement

A row house will give you the opportunity to experience the best of what your community has to offer. Row houses are equally beneficial for your kids. As they grow up, they will require playmates. With houses tightly close together, you will be able to constantly watch after your children as they play within the vicinity of your home. Row houses also promote unity despite the diversity of occupants. At one point, you will be exposed to fun gatherings and hobbies due to the inherent friendliness present in the community.

Being part of a community where everyone shares the same preferences when it comes to living is one of the best advantages of row houses. You may frequently bump into a neighbor and the next time you know it; you are already friends with the entire neighborhood of row houses.


Enjoy Multi-Story Living

Enjoy Multi Story Living

There will come a point in time wherein you will feel isolated, lonely, and weary with staying in an apartment. In a row house, you get to experience living in a villa with second and third floors.

Multiple floors also enable you to separate the dining and living areas from the bedroom and office. The best thing about the separated function areas is that when you are working, you will not be bothered by the activities of the other members in the family. Similarly, there is a great amount of privacy within the house.


No Need to Pay for Maintenance

While it is accurate that once you remodel a wall, you will have to fix it before you depart from the house. It is equally factual that the lessor may shoulder the leaks in the roof and other malfunctioning systems in the house.

For instance, you can request the landowners to repair a broken. Some row houses are also secured with necessary safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire detectors. In this regard, the realtor is protecting their property from hazardous mishaps. This ultimately reduces the chances of spreading fire from one wall to another, while at the same time, keeping their residents safe and sound.


Key Takeaway

Wall-fenced row houses can be more completely private than they are compared to some single-family tracts. The most ideal houses and lots for sale in Nueva Ecija will provide you the best row housing experience with its gated community, ease of transportation and amenities.


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